Uma Introdução à Programação em Lua

Roberto Ierusalimschy

Lua is a scripting language widely used in several areas, from desktop applications, suchas Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, to software for embedded systems. It is the leadinglanguage for scripting games and it is part of Ginga, the standard middleware for theBrazilian Digital TV system. Lua is also frequently used in security, being the scriptinglanguage embedded in tools like Wireshark, snort, and nmap.This text presents the Lua language emphasizing its unconventional mechanisms.The goal is to introduce the language together with some non-conventional programmingtechniques, such as higher-order functions, coroutines, and APIs between languages. Thetext assumes some programming maturity from the reader and some knowledge about theC language, for the discussion about the Lua-C API.

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