Swarming: como BitTorrent Revolucionou a Internet

Matheus B. LehmannRodrigo B. MansilhaMarinho P. BarcellosFlávio Roberto Santos

BitTorrent is a file sharing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) application that has achieved great popularity,becoming a de facto standard for swapping files in the Internet. To achieve suchpopularity, BitTorrent was built upon a solid scientific contribution, through the proposalof a novel swarming-based protocol, and was supported by an open and sufficiently robustimplementation. This chapter collects, organizes, and presents in a top-down, structuredway the inumerous advances provided by this technology since its inception, in 2001.The contents are presented in breadth, whenever possible generalizing the useful lessonsto other Internet applications. The approach to the subject is top-down and combinestheory and practice, analyzing how the proposed policies and mechanisms were actuallyimplemented and to which degree they were successful.

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