Gerenciamento de Processos de Negócio e Aplicabilidade na Saúde e na Robótica

Lucinéia Heloisa Thom

Business Process Management (BPM) allows not only the reduction of costs, time, errorsand process replication, but mainly it increases the control over process execution.Therefore, both process execution and organization quality improves. Organizations haveshowed an increasing interest by the workflow technology due to their need for morestandardization and efficiency in process execution. BPM has been applied in many applicationdomains such as the health domain presenting processes which require dynamicadaptation and flexibility in their execution as well as the robotics and automation domainsincluding processes that need more standardization. This chapter presents basicconcepts on BPM and workflow. In particular, it introduces the business process modellingnotation (BPMN) and core existent workflow patterns. Finally, the chapter discussesspecific topics regarding the use of BPM in the health and robotics domain.

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