Apache Hadoop: conceitos teóricos e práticos, evolução e novas possibilidades

Alfredo GoldmanFabio KonFrancisco Pereira JuniorIvanilton PolatoRosangela de Fátima Pereira

Advancements on the Internet popularity over the last decade and the increase involume and complexity of services available on the Web led to the generation of massiveamounts of data. To process these data, both performance and availability are criticalfactors that need to be evaluated since conventional data management mechanisms maynot provide adequate support. One existing solution is the Apache Hadoop, aframework for storage and processing data at large-scale. Hadoop offers as main toolsMapReduce, responsible for distributed processing, and the Hadoop Distributed FileSystem (HDFS), for storing large data sets in a distributed way. Apache Hadoop hasbeen considered an effective tool and is currently used by large corporations such asIBM, Oracle, Facebook, and Yahoo! among others. This course will introduce the mainconcepts of the Apache Hadoop framework, demonstrating its features, advantages,applications, components, and a study of new trends on this tool.

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