Visualização 3D do layout de circuitos integrados utilizando VRML.

Leandro Soares IndrusiakRicardo Augusto da

VRML is the standard language for virtual reality description, and makes it possible to build virtual worlds hiperlinked with the WWW. A VRML file is a geometric description of a universe, with lights, shapes, textures, that models a set of 3D objects. The point of view is controlled by the user, enabling the navigation through the entire virtual world.For educational purposes in microelectronics, the main idea is to let students and designers navigate across integrated circuit cells. Using this feature, one can go deep into the layout to investigate new possibilities of component placing. particularly in case of complex circuits, where the multilevel nature of the most recent circuits make them difficult to understand from a bird's eye view. The 3D navigation also allows the study of the fabrication process, navigatin through the different levels.This paper also presents a tool for conversion of 2D layout description files into VRML files, an importan feature that allows the access of students and designers to the 3D model of ther own layout files without learning the VRML language.

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