Texture Mapped Terrain Visualization at Variable Resolution

Luiz Carlos Castro Guedes

Multiresolution terrain models allow the extraction of the surface at different levels of details. Real terrain data is large enough to prevent from real-time walk through at a reasonable level of detail. Moreover, a coarse view of a terrain may not attend some application requirements. Therefore, extracting the surface at variable resolution may offer impressive good-looking views if, for instance, regions closer to the observer are shown at a higher resolution then regions farther away. Texture mapped terrain rendering also offers impressive good-looking views for low resolution meshes, what may directly impact the perfomance of interactive virtual reality fhythrough applications. This paper compares texture mapped terrain rendering with traditional goureau shaded illumination rendering, based on a multiresolution terrain model, and analyzes its impact on the behavior of the image error. Several experimental results are obtained and discussed.

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