Exploração de Ambientes Virtuais Distribuídos de Grande Porte

Regina Borges de AraujoMarlos André Marques S. de OliveiraRubem Poli SwenssonRomualdo Rocha CronembergerRodrigo Costa ColossiPedro Monteiro EleutérioWagner da Silva Bila

In Large Scale Distributed Virtual Reality Systems(LSDVRS), a large number of users are expected to share virtual environments. One of the points that may turn LSDVRS applications into some of the most complex and stressful for a supporting system in general, and for a communication system in particular, is the requirement for scalable, realible multicast communication, and group management in real time. This paper discusses LSDVRS, highlighting the limitations of today's communication system to support them. it is also proposed a structure to support LSDVRS through the integration of tools and mechanisms existen in the MBONE and WWW networks

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