Virtual GIS aplicado à Bacia Petrolífera de Campos

Gerson G. CunhaCarlos Luiz N. dos SantosLuís Fernando N. Mello

The present work shows a large scale Geographic Information System with real-time trimensional simulation resources applied to Campos Basin region and focusing petroleum exploration and production. It will be presented the project considerations, the implementation proccess, and the characteristics and peculiarities of a interactive and immersive system for visualization of physical and spatial data in a realistic way. The work developed by Applied Virtual Reality Group (GRVa) of Computational Methods in Enginnering Laboratory in collaboration with Petrobras' Research Center intends to make possible the construction of a powerfull tool of Great importance for well location and design of subsea layout activities. In addition to being a consulting tool, where geographic information identification of elements can be obtained, the technicians can simmulate the behavior of several elements in the virtual environment (ships, platforms, etc.) by including the results of the structural or movement analisys.

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