Avaliação Comparativa de Tecnologias de Suporte a VRML

Alejandro Cesar Frery OrgambideJudith KelnerGustavo Eliano de PaulaClauirton de Albuquerque SiebraDanielle Rousy Dias da SilvaVeronica Teichrieb

Virtual Reality technological development has grown considerably in the last few years. Among the technologies, VRML is becoming very popular due to the funcionality it offers to developers as well as to final users. Furthermore, several tools that support development and visualization are available today. Though most of these tools have beend developed to have the same funcionality, it is a fact that each one of them has advantages and disadvantages. This paper aims at showing a comparative evaluation of some of the most popular visualization tools in order to highlight their applicability to virtual reality studies and development. This assessment is performed according to parameters which are relevante for users. We also present some new technologies that are being used to create 3D worlds.

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