Atlas Virtual da Mama e Fisiopatologia do Câncer de Mama utilizando Java3D

Fábio R. MontanhaFátima L. S. NunesLeonardo BotegaEduardo DamascenoLarissa Pavarini

One of the most benefited areas with theVirtual Reality's advances is the health area. Medicaltraining, surgery planning, telemedicine and augmentedreality applications have been developed in order toprovide more trusting and agility to the medical reportand diagnoses. These advances have been observed inapplications that help learning through medicalproceedings simulators and Virtual Atlas. In this paper,it is presented the development of a Breast Virtual Atlas',using Java language and Java 3D API, to anatomy andbreast cancer physiopathology study, where health areastudents can visualize information and structures,previously only shown in illustrative books and corpses,as well as studying the development of some sort of breastcancer

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