Uso da Realidade Virtual na Melhoria do Processo de Ensino da Física (Movimento Harmônico Simples)

Jucélio Costa AraujoAlexandre CardosoEdgard Lamounier

The purpose you gave I work is demonstratethe possibility of the I study by one content with the shehelps of the computer by using the reality Virtual asthe means of for creating of environments virtual whatsham appearances from area of physics. The projectculminate into the development by one softwareeducational based in Virtual reality, developed inVRML for the purpose of auxiliary the tuition didactic,exemplifying a content specific from a discipline, whatstudents has difficulty into the apprenticeship, by usingthe potentiality from Virtual reality like a tool ofsupport the I school can you facilitate the perceptionyou gave content from a she forms more fast &interactive

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