Uma Interface 3D para ambientes virtuais: O caso do VEPERSONAL

Marcus S. AquinoDomingos R. M. NetoFernando de F. de SouzaAlejandro C. Frery

Virtual Environments have become an alternativefor the development of realistic and intuitive interfaces. Theyallow the navigation and interaction with elements close toreality. Techniques for generating virtual environments thatadapt to the user profile have been developed. Theyincorporate procedures for following, recording andanalyzing the user's actions, and they are able to modify theenvironment in accordance with this behavior. This work isaimed at the development of a 3D interface that allows theuser to use adaptivity resources of VEPersonal (PersonalizedVirtual Environment). The interface uses a Xj3D browser,and communication with the user is provided by the SceneAccess Interface API. This infrastructure makes possiblereal-time adaptation through insertion and removal of theobjects in the scene according to the user action,constructing the virtual world in accordance with thenecessities of such an user.

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