Realidade Virtual como apoio ao ensino do movimento hârmonico simples na física

Jucélio Costa AraujoMarcos Wagner RibeiroWender SilvaRoger Amandio LuzEliane RaimannAlexandre CardosoEdgard Lamounier

The objective of this work is to demonstrate to thepossibility of the study of content with the aid of thecomputer using the Virtual Reality as instrument for virtualenvironment creation that simulates aspects of the area ofthe Physics. The project culminated in the development of abased educational software in Virtual Reality, developed inVRML in order to assist didactic education, giving theexample a specific content of one disciplines, where studentspossess difficulty in the learning, using the potentiality of theVirtual Reality as a tool of support to education being able tofacilitate the learning of this content of a faster andinteractive form.

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