Modelagem de Rotas Turísticas Urbanas Usando Algoritmos Genéticos

Eliane RaimannMarcos Wagner RibeiroAlexandre CardosoEdgard Lamounier

A great field that needs the characteristics of theVirtual Reality is the Urban Modeling, therefore thepossibility to interact, to involve and to immerge into theseenvironments propitiates excellent results when it is thoughtabout the presentation of urban tourist routes. In this contextthe biggest existing difficulty is to join two great areas of thecomputation, Artificial Intelligence, in the sub-area of theevolution computer and the graphics computer with theVirtual Reality. The first, it's necessary to solve problemsthat result innumerable possibilities. Second, it becomesessential when it has necessity of an interactive andproximity the real. This work has finally to contribute with aused architecture in the construction of an application thatmakes possible the user to visualize the best urban touristroutes chosen from a model 2D.

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