Gerações de Casos de Estudo para Treinamento Médico Virtual a partir de Imagens Reais

Sérgio Roberto DelfinoFátima de Lourdes dos Santos Nunes

Virtual Reality (VR) and the Image Processing(IP) are great allies for the construction of virtual simulationtools, and, in such context, the medical training field can begreatly benefited. Tools that simulate medical procedurescan be built aiming to train professionals for theperformance of tasks that require precision and effectiveness,decreasing the cost of training on the medium run. Suchproject aims to use techniques of IP and VR to generate, in adynamic manner, virtual environments (VEs) applicable tomedical training tools, taking as a case of study a system thataims to simulate the breast biopsy exam. Thus, it is intendedto allow that users train such procedures virtually in order toperform the exam based on data extracted from real cases.

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