FFORCE - Um Framework para Ambientes Colaborativos

Gabriel Fernandes de AlmeidaVeronica TeichriebJudith Kelner

Nowadays, there is a great demand for on-linecollaboration systems, in many work areas, mainly the oneswith specific knowledge domains and great number ofvariables. Collaboration has also a main role in the on-lineentertainment industry, as with the games based on theconcept of Massively Multiplayer Online Game, or MMOG,that allows thousands of people to interact simultaneously.This article contributes with researches on the areas of RealTime Collaboration, Distributed Systems, and CollaborativeVirtual Reality. In this article, will be described anarchitecture for a framework, called FFORCE orFramework for Collaborative Environments, envisioning thedevelopment of collaborative applications. A prototype willalso be presented, using the collaboration between VirtualReality applications as a case study.

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