0Integração do JARToolkit com Engine Didático para a Criação de Jogos Usando Realidade Aumentada

Fernando TsudaPaulo M. HokamaThiago M. RodriguesJoão L. Bernardes Jr.Romero Tori

This work's goal is to integrate JARToolkit andenJine, a didactic game engine, in order to verify how muchthe development of augmented reality games is facilitatedcombining the resources of these tools. As a concept proof, agame will be developed using this technology. Initially, thegame, which combines real and virtual elements, will havecommands that make use of a webcam and passive fiducialmarkers, that allow the identification of positions in the realworld. To validate the solution in its current stage, since thisis an ongoing work, two prototypes have been built and thesepartial results are described here.

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