Uso da Realidade Virtual na Demonstração de Táticas de Futebol de Campo

Fabiano Cardoso de AssisMarcos Wagner Souza RibeiroEliane RaimannFabrizzio Alphonsus SoaresAlexandre Carvalho SilvaLigia Christine Oliveira SousaLazaro Fernandes MagalhãesPedro Moises de Sousa

Every soccer coach always find the best strategy tosurprise the opponent team, which is a good tacticalsystem of play to where the best placement of your timewith actions at any time to surprise the opponent, is amove in the middle of the field, on the side, or untiltested faults then corner kick. All these actions aredefined as the tactical scheme imposed by the coach.Considering the different characteristics andspecificities and the large amount of existing tacticaltraining, there is a difficulty in the transfer of trainingto athletes. This difficulty is directly related to themethods used for this purpose. Black or White Table,Clipboard, and are used to not always provide athletesunderstand with clarity the appropriate training tacticsand possible developments. Thus the Virtual Realitymay be the ideal instrument in this process with visualand interactive features.

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