Uma Ferramenta para auxiliar o Tratamento de Pessoas com Aracnofobia utilizando Técnicas de Realidade Aumentada

Lázaro Vinícius de Oliveira LimaEduardo Souza SantosMarlus Dias SilvaWebert Vieira ArantesAlexandre CardosoEdgard Lamounier

This work aims to present a system that allows help treatmentof people with aracnophoby. In this system,a markeris captured by a webcam and are handled by inserting atype of virtual spider in the real environment. This techniqueis called Augmented Reality. The proposed tool aimsto assist the treatment of people with phobia of spiders andcan therefore not be exposed to these animals during thetreatment. One of the most significant advantages is the useof the Internet as a way to distribute this tool, because theonly thing you need is a Flash´s plugin installed on yourpersonal computer.

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