Realidade Virtual como Ferramenta no Estudo de Sistemas de Geração, Transmissão e Distribuição de Energia Elétrica

Afonso B. AlmeidaAlexandre CardosoEdgard Lamounier

The search for better methods of learning is emerging, which allows a better formation of professionals and, consequently, an improvement on their activities. Virtual Reality has become a suitable tool for Education, providing excellent results. In Electric Engineering presents a problem in the teaching of structures that composes electrical systems. Only illustrations are supplied to students, who must only imagine its functioning. Moreover, the visualization of certain structures is not possible when functioning, causing a deficit in the learning process. This research considers a system, compatible with the WEB and supported by techniques of Virtual Reality, that makes possible to the user the understanding of the functioning of such electrical systems, improving the set of tool for Education in Electric Engineering.

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