Proposta de Uma Interface Não Convencional para Reabilitação Motora Suportada por Ambientes de Realidade Virtual

Eduardo Souza SantosMarlus Dias SilvaWebert Vieira ArantesLázaro Vinícius de Oliveira LimaAlexandre CardosoEdgard Lamounier

This work aims to present a system that allows the creationof non conventional interfaces for navigation on VirtualReality environments. In this system, images captured by awebcam are processed and converted into patterns that, afterbeing presented to an artificial neural network, becamereferences for computer commands. During the trainingphase, each pattern is related to an action that will allowthe user to act within a VR environment. Since this systemhas been designed to help handicapped people, during theirrehabilitation process, the interaction with the computer isperformed without mouse and keyboard. In order to validatethe proposed system, two test cases have been developed.The first one asks the user to move an object through alabyrinth. In the second one, by menu navigation, the useris able to constuct 3D objects using solid primitives such asspheres, cubes, cylinders and cones.

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