Proposta de Arquitetura de Uma Ferramenta de Autoria para Softwares de Realidade Virtual Não-Imersiva

Alexandre Carvalho SilvaLigia Christine Oliveira SousaPedro MoisesMarcos Wagner Souza RibeiroWender Silva

The use of systems of Virtual Reality in diverseareas of the human knowledge comes pointing inincreasing direction, this thanks to the good onesresulted gotten in its specific applications. Thedevelopment of softwares in this area is based on someexisting technologies, being necessary the specific anddeep knowledge of the technology or adoptedlanguage. This necessity bases the problematic one ofthe difficulty of developments of softwares of VirtualReality on the part of common users of computer.Being thus, this article presents a proposal of anauthorship tool where it has for objective to makepossible the common user of computer to developsystems of Virtual Reality Não-Imersiva of visual form,easy, intuitiva and that it takes care of its interactivenecessities.

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