O uso de realidade virtual no desenvolvimento de um jogo para auxiliar o ensino das quatro operações básicas da matemática

Regina Márcia Ferreira SilvaMarcos Wagner Souza RibeiroEliane RaimannLuciana de Oliveira BerrettaFabrizzio Alphonsus Soares

The process of teaching and learning has taken a greattime of specialists in order to make it more effective andattractive. Several initiatives are being worked. A specialfeature is the use of new technologies such as computing. Inthis context, the teaching of basic mathematical operations(addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) has notundergone major changes in their process of education inrecent years, even as it's a simple and basic content. Andtherefore it is an investigation if new teaching models havepositive influence on learning. Thus the computing andVirtual Reality (VR) may be of great help, as it is defined asthe most advanced user interface with the computer untilnow available. This work aims at the creation of virtualenvironments, in the form of educational game to help theprocess of teaching and learning the four basic operations ofmathematics. This work is justified on the basis of literaturethat shows a lack of educational software using VirtualReality.

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