O Uso de Realidade Virtual Como Ferramenta Complementar no Ensino dos Circuitos Elétricos no Ensino Médio

Alexandre Carvalho SilvaMarcos Wagner Souza RibeiroEliane RaimannHugo Xavier RochaLuciana de Oliveira BerrettaFabrizzio Alphonsus SoaresLigia Christine Oliveira SousaPedro Moises de Sousa

Recent studies have revealed major difficulties inlearning the contents of electric circuits. One of thefactors contributing to this problem there is that mostmethods for the teaching of this content aren'tattractive and use the traditional tools that don't showthe facts really surrounding this phenomenon. The useof simulators can improve and one of the areas thatcan create this kind of interaction is the VirtualReality. With this necessity in the electric circuitsteaching and a great resource in the area of VirtualReality, it's proposed to implement the use of VirtualReality as a complementary tool to the teaching ofelectric circuits. This tool can be described as a threedimensionalinteractive virtual environment thatsimulates the work and analysis of simple electricalcircuits and aims to minimize the problem of difficultyof learning in teaching them.

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