Chatterbot com Interatividade ao Avatar Encapsulado no Ambiente Virtual Second Life usando a base de conhecimento em AIML

André Luiz PilastriJosé Remo Ferreira Brega

Three-dimensional virtual worlds are alternativesrealities that people who use it can interact with eachother and with elements that are in these realities.Chatterbots are systems that have the aim to interactwith users using natural language. The inclusion ofinteractivity has a fundamental function, it has the aimto improve system's performance, using andinfluencing the behavior of the users. In this research itwill be showed an Avatar that has a Chatterbot withinteractivity. This Avatar have to answer questions,talking to users, taking an human being think that istalking to another person. The technologies that helpthe creation of Chatterbots of the Avatar were AIMLlanguage, which has the idea of intentinality of thedialogues.

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