Calibração de Propriedades Materiais para Incorporação de Toque em Sistemas de Realidade Virtual

André Castelo Branco GomesLiliane dos Santos Machado

Virtual Reality enables interaction with virtualworlds and can be applied to several areas. VRapplications benefit from realistic features, as theycontribute to immersion by presenting rules alreadyfamiliar to the user. Haptic technology, through theuse of haptic systems and special devices, contributesto that aspect by allowing the user to identify objectsand their properties, using the sense of touch. Inhaptic enabled applications, the immersion dependson these properties being as realistic as possible,achieved by calibrating the application. Thiscalibration is a very time consuming process thatdepends on experts of the application domain. Aimingto speed up the development cycle of theseapplications, this paper presents a Haptic Calibratorthat provides real time editing and testing of materialproperties. Intended to be very intuitive, theCalibrator allows the user to build a repository ofmaterials, that can be used in future developments.

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