Análise de Imagens Tomográficas de Solos Agrícolas em Ambiente de Realidade Virtual

Leonardo C. BotegaAdriano BezerraPaulo E. Cruvinel

This paper presents a Virtual Reality (VR) systemdedicated to the inspection of tomographic samples ofagricultural soils, using data of images that areimported and reconstructed in 3D.Through a userinterface, tomographic soils samples are submitted toprocesses of manipulation and threedimensionalvisualization, summed to functionalities of immersionand user interaction. Its validation is based on a casestudy involving analysis of porosity of agricultural soilsamples, more specifically the preferential paths forwater and solute flow. Finally, the results present asolid verification of the preferential ways of thesamples, analyzed based on the developedenvironment.

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