WindWalker: UsingWind as an Orientation Tool in Virtual Environments

Henrique G. DebarbaJerônimo G. GrandiAdriano OliveskiDiana DominguesAnderson MacielLuciana P. Nedel

Trans-sensory perception is the alternative use ofone of our senses to perceive information whichis generally perceived by another sense. Commonexamples exist among handicapped people, suchas blind people who play soccer based on soundemitters placed on the ball and at the goals. Thepresent study aims at using wind as an interfacemodality for interaction in virtual environments.More than that, in this study we propose to use thedirection of the air in motion as an abstractionof the natural sense humans have from the wind.We give a new meaning to the wind direction withthe purpose of self-orientation in virtual realityenvironments. We develop hardware and softwareinterfaces for wind rendering and then analyze userperformance on specific orientation tasks.

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