Virtual Technical Instructions of Maintenance and Operation of a Hydraulic Generating Unit

Pebertli N. A. BarataMessias J. A. NascimentoManoel Ribeiro FoAlcides R. S. Pamplona JrClaudio C. Coutinho FoFábio N. SilvaPedro I. C. Moreira

The hydroelectric power plants use technicalinstructions of maintenance and operationto instruct maintainers and operators aboutthe maintenance and operation procedures tobe executed in their generating units. Theseinstructions consist of well defined scripts with 2dflat drawings and of activities in textual format.This paper presents an authoring tool that allowsthe construction of these technical instructions ina virtual reality environment, where the user cannavigate, interact and control animations in avirtual hydro generating unit built from buildingconstruction models and mechanical and electricalpieces supplied by Eletronorte. It also presentsthe techniques used for the construction of the 3dmodels from cad models supplied by Eletronorte. Inorder to prove the system effectiveness, two technicalinstructions were built, one of operation andanother of maintenance, from procedures suppliedby Eletronorte.

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