Using Whole-Body Orientation for Virtual Reality Interaction

Vitor A.M. JorgeJuan M.T. IbiapinaLuis F.M.S. SilvaAnderson MacielLuciana P. Nedel

When interacting in the real world, it is commonto remember locations of objects based on our ownbody previous locations and postures. In this paperwe discuss the benefits of the whole-body awarenessin 3d interactive applications. We propose atechnique for navigation and selection in 3denvironments which uses an optical tracking systemto provide whole-body position and orientation.We explore the peephole metaphor with a tablet pcto artificially enlarge the display and interactionarea. In the application implemented to provethe proposed concepts, the tablet is held by theparticipant who moves it around and points it inany direction for visualization and interaction.

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