Um sistema para visualização remota de operações de instalação submarina.

Alberto RaposoCesar M. PalomoIsmael Santos

The idea of digital oilfields, i.e., with unmannedexploration unities, is a strong trend in the oil & gasindustry, since the access to remote sites is expensiveand dangerous, and, in addition, the optimizationof the production is a necessity due to the constantincreasing costs. The vision of digital oilfieldsis roughly an interplay of several technologiesthat provides resources for gathering raw data,transmitting this information, transformingit into knowledge (for decision making), andremotely operating it. This paper presents a systemcalled vrois (Portuguese acronym for RemoteVisualization of Subsea Installation Operations).The system goal is to allow that specialists inthe company headquarters, using ComputerGraphics and Virtual Reality resources, followsubsea operations in "extended real time" usinga computational environment that facilitates thecomprehension of the operation and allow betterdecision making.

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