Janela3D: a Visual Telecommunication Tool Sensible to User's Viewpoint

Lucas Padovani TriasRomero Tori

Teleconference and telepresence systems areincreasingly common. Based on the existence of ahigh capacity communication channel, Janela3daims to provide user's point of view sensible realistic3d visualization without physical distortion or anyprior knowledge about the structure of the scene,using stereo cameras. Pairs of temporally coherentimages are used to generate intermediary view ofthe target scene so that a tracked user will havethe illusion of posing in front of the real scene. Theimplemented proof of concept of the system is basedon high visual quality components on the side ofviews generation and tries to maximize ease ofuse in the visualization part by using commoditycomponents and being free of complex calibrationprocedures.

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