FAITH: A Desktop Virtual Reality System for Fingerspelling

Selan R. dos SantosLeonardo BezerraAntonino A. Feitosa NetoSilvano Maneck Malfatti

Fingerspelling is a vital component of theLinguagem Brasileira de Sinais (libras), whichis the preferred form of communication among thehearing-impaired people. Achieving fingerspellingfluency relies heavily on the visual comprehension ofthe manual representation of letters. Of particularimportance are the transitions between letters. Wepresent the development of a fingerspelling learningtool based on desktop virtual reality technology thatplaces emphasis on realism through the principlesof 3D animation with a simple user interactioninterface. We aim at producing animationscorresponding to the libras fingerspelling thatappear natural and can be quickly and reliablyrecognized by members of the hearing impairedcommunity. We tested our proposed system,called faith, by means of two experiments. Thefirst focused on measuring the tool's efficiencyfor the task of unsupervised teaching, while thesecond evaluated the tool's accuracy in supportingcommunication among people who do not knowfingerspelling and those who do.

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