Customization of Virtual Environments with xml: Multimedia Content and Scenario Generation Issues

Ildeberto A. RodelloPaulo N.M. Sampaio

The rapid prototyping, modeling and authoringof virtual environments has been a major issuepresented in the literature. However, due thecomplexity for describing these environments andthe dynamic nature of virtual reality applicationsit is fundamental to provide means for customizingthem according to the interactions of the user andthe purpose of the application. The customizationallows the modification of the virtual environmentwithout much coding effort and with a greaterflexibility. This paper presents two approachesused for customization of virtual environments. Bythe utilization of xml these approaches provide aflexible and easy way to modify or configure virtualenvironments. The first one proposes a method toallow the scenario modification for Java3d apienvironments. The second approach demonstrateshow to customize virtual environments withmultimedia content using ogre.

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