C.A.V.E.I.R.A: A Framework for Developing Augmented Reality Card Games

Guilherme MaronFernando Pinho Marson

Card games have been used as entertainment sinceXIII century, in a variety of different games withtheir own rules and specific decks. Nowadays someof the most played card games are the TradingCard Games, card games whose players use aset of cards to engage in an imaginary combat.C.A.V.E.I.R.A. is a framework for development ofAugmented Reality card games, especially TradingCard Games, using only one cheap camera and nospecial scenario or auxiliary hardware. Its nameis an acronym in Portuguese for Cartas AnimadasVirtuais: Entidades Interativas em RealidadeAumentada, in a free translation Animated VirtualCards: Virtual Reality Interactive Entities. Theframework provides a set of classes to abstract someconcepts of the Trading Card Games, as cards,players and decks, allowing the development ofAugumented Reality card games, mixing the realworld, where the players are doing a common cardgame with virtual entities, which represent the samecharacters their cards do.

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