Augmented Reality with Automatic Camera Calibration for Driver Assistance Systems

Cláudio Rosito JungJoão Saldanha StreibelLuiz Gonzaga da Silveira Jr.

This paper presents a new approach for driverassistance systems based on automatic cameracalibration and Augmented Reality. While anautomatic camera calibration technique canobtain information about the real environment, anAugmented Reality component supplies the virtualcontent to produce an enriched scene. This resultingscene can assist drivers in their primary tasks andincrease driving security. The virtual content can bealerts and warnings, enhanced obstacles and trafficsignals, and any information from car sensorsand gps (global positioning system). Besides, theproposed solution decreases driver's distraction bysuperimposing virtual content to real world througha head-up display. It gives the sensation that realand virtual contents are merged into the windshield,keeping the attention focus of drivers in theirprimary tasks.

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