A Virtual Environment Design Methodology for Educational and/or Training Purposes

Edgar Luis da SilvaMarcelo da Silva HounsellAvanilde Kemczinski

It is becoming ever more frequent to find 3DVirtual Environments (ves) being used as part ofthe teaching-learning process (tlp). These systemscan show emphases on the educational and/ortraining aspect of the tlp which were found to beclose but different concepts. So far there have beenno guidelines for conceiving them in such differentperspectives. This paper presents a design approachfor ves aimed at educational and/or trainingpurposes. It starts by showing aspects of suchsystems, all gathered from the literature, in order todifferentiate them from other kind of ve systems andbetween themselves. Then, an evaluation on howimportant these features are is presented and turnedinto a quantifying measurement which is thereafterincorporated in a methodology that drives the designin an easy, questioning-like and interactive processwithout losing the perspective of a ve and the tlp.

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