Uma Interface Híbrida para Desktop Integrando Realidade Virtual, Realidade Aumentada e 2D WIMP

Felipe CarvalhoAlberto RaposoMarcelo Gattass

Hybrid user interfaces, which create a heterogeneous environment providing different interaction forms and devices, may be enhanced by exploring more extensively the mixed reality continuum. This work presents an alternative to include immersive virtual reality in hybrid user interfaces in a common desktop setup. In addition, it is proposed the integration of a 2D WIMP (Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointing Device) environment with virtual and augmented reality interactive environments in the hybrid interface. This integration consisted in taking advantage of the users' experience with the mouse in the WIMP environment and in making data transferences, such as text, audio or video files, to the augmented reality environment. The mouse was used as a universal tool in the hybrid environment, and the visualization was obtained by means of an HMD with an attached camera.

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