Surface Flow Animation in Digital Terrain Models

Bruno B.S. CoutinhoGilson A. GiraldiRodrigo L.S. SilvaAntonio L. Apolinario JrPaulo S. Rodrigues

In this work, we focus on fluid animation for virtual reality(VR) applications that involve the simulation of surface waterflows over a digital terrain model (DTM). We proposea cheaper technique for animation of overland flows. Themethod is based on a particle system, a lattice defined overthe terrain domain and a digital terrain model based on apiecewise linear approximation. The (water) particles displacementsare restricted to the lattice directions and followssuitable rules in order to mimic a surface flow. In the experimentalresults we emphasize the fact that realistic flowphenomena can be reproduced by our technique. Effects likelake formation, downhill path generation, and watershedrainfall are also presented. Therefore, we get an efficientfluid model that does not require solution of complicatedequations. Moreover, a tangible user interface framework istested to simplify interaction with DTMs.

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