Simulação Virtual de Agentes Autônomos para a Identificação e Controle de Incêndios em Reservas Naturais

Gustavo PessinFernando OsórioSoraia MusseVinícius NonnemmacherSandro Souza Ferreira

The aim of this work is to detail project and development of avirtual environment for realistic simulation using autonomous andcommunicative robotic agents. The system goal is its applicationin the automatization process of identification and fire combat inforest reserves, using autonomous agents. Moreover, thesimulation also can be used for training and accompaniment offire team combat. The agents set plans its action based on datasensors, as GPS, odometer, thermometer, etc. The operations arecarried through on a terrain that simulates diverse natural aspects,like types of vegetation, topography, and respect questions likefire propagation tax based on intensity and wind orientation,vegetation and topography. With the developed prototype we canalso track the simulation and the displacement of the "robotfirefighter",the system runs in a visualization room, thus allowbetter immersion in the virtual environment and simulation. Thefirst results demonstrated that Virtual Reality solutions have avery important paper on planning and execution of fire combatoperations in natural reserves.

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