Panoramic Images Composition with Positioning Maps for Virtual Telepresence

Osvaldo Ramos Tsan HuCelso Setsuo KurashimaRoseli De Deus LopesMarcelo Knörich Zuffo

The virtual telepresence system we are working on investigatesthe composition of panoramic images to be projected withinimmersive environments in real-time. A number of images arecaptured by multiple digital cameras that are synchronized andthat cover a 360 degrees scene. Therefore, a panoramic image canbe rendered by our proposed optimized stitching method wecalled Positioning Maps. This method allows concatenation ofseveral operations, such as lens distortion correction, cylindricalprojection, and image alignment, in a single map of pixels foreach camera. We conclude that our method of Positioning Maphas great potential to obtain faster image processing time, whichis relevant in real-time telepresence systems.

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