miva: Constructing a Wearable Platform Prototype

João Marcelo TeixeiraDaliton da SilvaGuilherme MouraLuiz Henrique CostaVeronica TeichriebJudith Kelner

This paper describes the prototype of a mobile and autonomoussystem, namely miva, which provides the necessary support forthe execution of virtual and augmented reality applications. Theobjective of this work was to construct a small, lightweight, lowpoweredplatform with enough processing power to guarantee thequality of these interactive applications. This new “wearablecomputer-like” dedicated system is capable of satisfying even themost demanding users in their daily processing and real worldcommunication activities. Although using head-mounted displays,data gloves and trackers, new devices can easily be added to theplatform. Two developed applications, mivaDesk and mivaTherm,are used to validate the support provided by the miva wearableplatform. Details of the prototype are given and someconsiderations about its integrity, robustness and componentsorganization are examined.

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