Avaliação de Técnicas de Auxílio a Wayfinding em Ambientes Virtuais

André B. TrombettaFelipe Bacim de A. e SilvaMárcio S. Pinho

Interaction in virtual environments is an area of study that hasbeen developing in a remarkable way in recent years. As we cansee on a literature review, the interaction can be divided incontrol, selection, manipulation and navigation. This last onecan be divided in traveling and wayfinding. The travel task isdefined as the movement and orientation of the user, andwayfinding is related to the information presented by theenvironment with the objective to support the user in hislocalization. This work deals with the evaluation of wayfindingaid techniques in virtual environments that allow users tonavigate with high degree of freedom for traveling. Theevaluation was made through the development of applicationsthat implement some of the existing techniques and tests withgroups of users, where each group tested one of the chosentechniques. The test results have shown that it is useful to usesuch techniques in this type of environment

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