Automatically Generating Eye Motion in Virtual Agents

Paula S.L. RodriguesRossana B. QueirozLeandro Barros

Eye Motion has a fundamental role in verbal and non-verbalcommunication among people. It can express emotions andregulate the flow of conversation. For this reason, it is veryimportant that these movements can be realistic in ComputerAnimation's applications, such as virtual humans ingeneral and game/movies characters. This paper presentsa model for producing eye movements in synthetic agents.The main goal is to improve the realism of facial animationof such agents during conversational interactions. The contributionof this work is the inclusion of saccade behavioursin eyes motion, correlated with emotional attributes and alsodependent of agents' role during interaction, e.g. if agent islistening or talking. We investigate the impact of face animationsin human-computer interactions by including saccademotions, emotional attributes and role's dependent animation.The experimental results indicate that increasingdetails in eyes animation can significantly improve the realismof facial animation.

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