Automatic Color Calibration for Commodity Multiprojection Display Walls

Luciano Pereira SoaresRicardo Jota CostaJoaquim Armando Jorge

Multi-projection display walls are often used in advancedvirtual reality applications. However, most dedicated hardwareavailable for these systems is very expensive. Ourapproach focuses on developing alternative solutions usinginexpensive commodity projectors and screens driven by acommodity PC cluster. Unfortunately, using inexpensiveprojectors raises interesting problems both in terms of colorand intensity matching, which need to be tackled to ensurereasonable image quality and precision. Indeed, commodityprojectors do not have good color or brightness interprojectionstability or control. This means that two "identical"projectors from the same manufacturer, model, lamplife, operating at the same temperature, can present widelydifferent color and brightness output given the same inputsignal. To alleviate this, our technique uses graphics cardresources to control the output video signal before it reachesthe projectors. We use an inexpensive web camera to capturethe display wall image. In this way we can identify colorvariations in the projected image and then adapt the graphiccard's gamma curve to achieve good color and brightnessbalance amongst tiles. Visual inspection shows good results,which can be improved by careful choice of commodity devices.Furthermore the solution is compatible with existingapplications which can run unchanged.

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