Architecting Culturally-Aware Virtual Instructors (CAVI): For Mobile Mixed Reality Learning Games

Jayfus Doswell

Culturally-Aware Virtual Instructors (CAVI) can provide a personalized learning experience for learners across various cultures, geographical locations, and mixed reality (MR) experiences (e.g., virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.). A true virtual instructor is either an embodied or non-embodied computer- assisted instructor that applies knowledge of human behavior, personality, learning styles, culture, and gender differences along with empirical pedagogy to improve and accelerate human learning. A CAVI, distributed in MR learning environments enables humans to continuously receive guidance and instruction while practicing skills and solving challenges in real world and other environments along the mixed reality continuum. The pedagogical value of CAVI distributed in mixed reality results in concept reinforcement, multimodal learning, immediate learning transfer and personalized guidance/training to a matrix of human variables. Distributing CAVI into mixed reality learning games while facilitating a mobile experience for the human learners is the focus of this paper.

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