ARCam: an FPGA-based Augmented Reality Framework

João Paulo LimaGermano GuimarãesGuilherme SilvaJoão Marcelo TeixeiraEmanoel XavierVeronica TeichriebJudith Kelner

Several solutions for Augmented Reality that use general purposedevices, like computers and handhelds, have recently beendeveloped. In such devices, the processing is done by software,making it difficult to obtain the real time results withoutcompromising resolution and frame rate, the use of high clockfrequencies, and consequently leading to higher costs and powerconsumption. This paper describes the ARCam framework, whichimplements a platform based on Field Programmable Gate Arraytechnology for Augmented Reality applications in the form of adedicated hardware system. The ARCam solution is formedentirely by hardware components, including the one responsiblefor graphics rendering called Hardwire. In order to demonstratethe framework utilization and evaluate its feasibility, a number ofimage processing algorithms have been implemented and someAugmented Reality applications have been created using ARCam.

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