Análise de Escalabilidade em Ambientes Virtuais Distribuídos por Meio do Multicast em Nível de Aplicação

Ronaldo Celso Messias CorreiaSergio Roberto M. Pellegrino

Most of architectures proposed for developing Distributed Virtual Environment (DVE) allow limited number of users. To support the development of applications using the internet infrastructure, with hundred or, perhaps, thousands users logged simultaneously on DVE, several techniques for managing resources, such as bandwidth and capability of processing, must be implemented. We have proposed architecture for supporting development of DVE and one of its components implements a multicasting application level protocol. In this paper we present the results obtained by simulating a model of such communication strategy. Variables were defined in such model and several simulations were conducted changing them, aimed to evaluate the results in different situations. All results obtained are presented, showing the protocol scalability.

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