A Case Study on the Development of 3D User Interfaces for Mobile Platforms

João Marcelo TeixeiraDaliton da SilvaGuilherme MouraLuiz Henrique CostaNacha CostaVeronica TeichriebJudith Kelner

This paper presents mivaDesk, a mobile, interactive, virtual andautonomous 3D desktop running on a mobile platform, namedmiva. Mobility is achieved through the use of miniaturizeddevices. The graphical interface model implements differentdesktop metaphors as well as advanced interaction methods,including the support for non-traditional devices. Further, usersmay interact with both the virtual and the real environments,enhancing not only his/her interaction, but also action andperception. The autonomy of the system allows users to rely on itslong term availability for performing their tasks uninterruptedly.A number of usability studies are followed by some enhancementsuggestions for future versions of mivaDesk.

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