Um sistema híbrido para rastreamento baseado em esferas retrorreflexivas e características do objeto rastreado

Lucas TeixeiraManuel LoaizaAlberto RaposoMarcelo Gattass

The tracking of objects for Virtual and Augmented Reality applications normally considers either the use of markers or markerless techniques, based on characteristics of the object to be tracked. The approach based on markers is more established, but requires the insertion of these "artificial" elements in the tracked object. Markerless techniques, on the other hand, are still in an experimental phase, offering several challenges to be overcome. This paper presents a hybrid system that tries to get the best of both approaches. Invariant properties of retroreflexive spherical markers patterns are used to detect the markers in the object. The inclusion of these markers in known polygonal areas of the tracked objects helps the detection of intrinsic characteristics of them, providing more robustness to the tracking process. A case study using a construction in ruins mock-up is presented.

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